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MINE  (Betty)

lucy2 (2).jpg
lucy on back (2).jpg

This is Miss Lucy who is a real character who makes us laugh every day.  She is 5 years old and loves to lick everything.

YOURS  (Kim)

beans (2).jpg
Mr.  Beans was adopted from the Winnipeg Humane Society at 10 weeks of age.  He is a docile cat and loves to be outside.
Peter Pan_edited.jpg
Peter Pan is a daughter of Miss Lucy.  She can be an instigator in many things and loves to go into cupboards.

And Ours

Skittles 1 yr..JPG
Skittles is a torti point siamese.  She is full of mischief and keeps us laughing every day.  She fetches a ball, does tricks and loves to cuddle.
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