MINE  (Betty)

lucy2 (2).jpg
lucy on back (2).jpg

This is Miss Lucy who is a real character who makes us laugh every day.  She is 5 years old and loves to lick everything.

YOURS  (Kim)

eddie2 (2).jpg
eddie at 15 years old (2).jpg
Eddie came from the Humane Society and has always been a small cat but rules the roost over the other cats and the dogs.  She is 14 yrs old but acts like she's two.  Loves to talk and definately lets you know what she wants.
peter pan (2).jpg

Peter Pan is the daughter of Red and Lucy.  She has a lot of character and is forever in trouble for her curiosity.

beans (2).jpg

Mr. Beans came from the Humane Society as well 5 years ago.  He is so funny with his extra long legs which keep getting in his way.  


Introducing our newest member "Skittles"
She is a balinese and is super cuddly.

Skittles (2).jpg
Ayesha 9 weeks 2.jpg